Hey Friends!

As the Lord continues to grow this little dream of mine, He also continues to grow me.  He has grown my faith in Him and in myself, my vision for Gloriously Restored, and my family.  When I began painting, I had just recently married my high school sweetheart, better half, and the best part of me.  Painting after work, late into the evening, because, with no little ones as alarm clocks, sleeping in was a normal luxury.  

Now, 11 years and 2 toddlers later, family is my first priority, training those two little boys in His righteousness, showing them the Gospel, living it out in front of them, and teaching them the day-to-day rules and manners of society.  I fail, often, but the Lord has also shown me to use this as a picture of grace.  With full days and some times long nights, Gloriously Restored has become my second dream, being a full time mama to the most incredible little boys in the whole word has become my first.  

Don't worry, this isn't some announcement stating that I will no longer be painting.  It's exactly the opposite.  I plan to continue to keep the doors of Gloriously Restored wide open, as long as God allows it, as long as it glorifies Him and proclaims the love and grace of Jesus Christ.  And it is an opportunity to show my little men to dream big.  And to work hard.  Because God loves the dreamer, He encourages the one with vision.

If I believe God is the Master Creator,  like Ephesians 2:10 says "For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them,"  if I really believe Him to be all the things I teach my children that He is, then following His plans and will for my life is so important.  Putting feet to a dream that I believe is from the Lord gave me is a must.  In faith.  And together, we get to watch Him receieve all the glory!

Thank yall so much for your support, for following along with us on this beautiful journey of glorious restoration.  Hang on tight, folks, because it is just getting started!

Grace & Peace dear ones,